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All funds acquired through this portal are used to support infrastructure costs in running this community. Members of management are not compensated for their roles or duties in running this community. Funds may be allocated to pay for our in-house development team. We sincerely appreciate any contribution you make towards our community.
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All sales, contributions and/or donations are final. Refunds shall not be requested or provided under any circumstance. In order to buy items from the store, you must purchase our digital currency called "credits", and use those credits to redeem items we offer. When you successfully submit a payment through PayPal, you will automatically receive the credits to your account when PayPal processes the payment. You shall not initiate a chargeback, as you are purchasing our digital currency with your real-world currency. It is your responsibility to utilize the digital currency you have purchased. Any fradulent attempt at a chargeback will result in permanent account suspension from all services offered by Hydronic Networks.

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